Portfolio Highlights

Dropbox - iOS App [2014-2017]

Dropbox Logo

Worked on the Dropbox iOS app and the Dropbox Paper iOS app. Was a founding member and tech lead on the Dropbox Mobile Platform team.

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Couple - iOS App [2012-2014]

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Couple keeps all your special moments saved privately in one place and connects you to the most important person in your life. Acquired by Dropbox.

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CAD Control - iOS App [2011-2012]

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CAD Control and CAD Remote allowed you to control your CAD software with your iPhone/iPad. The apps made you more productive and allowed you to make your presentations more impressive.

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FMTouch - iOS App [2008-2011]

FMTouch logo

FMTouch was an award-winning database engine for the iPhone. It allowed you to run FileMaker databases on iOS devices. The app included desktop syncing over WiFi and 3G.

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PHP Web Publishing Book [2007]

My Book Cover

I have co-written a book about PHP Web Publishing with FileMaker databases. It is published by Jones & Bartlett Publishers and is available worldwide. A Japanese translation of this book has also been released.

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